Cle Cosmetics truly has me head over heels with their beautiful and minimal packaging, use of Korean beauty technology and being perfectly edited for the girl-on-the-go / aka: effortless beauty.

The most intriguing product from their range, is the Cle Lifting set - which promises to lift, plump and brighten the skin, while slowing down signs of aging.

The set includes:

- DRY MASK PACK (SET OF 10) - made of 100% medical grade cotton gauze, and packed with 3 types of collagen to provide hydration and give the skin a plump glow.

      Featured types of collagen:

      Natto Gum collagen: Softens and penetrates the skin’s deepest layers, moisturizing with antioxidant nutrients while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

      Acacia collagen: Increases skin elasticity, helps the skin retain moisture, and evens out skin tone and texture.

      Marine collagen: Counteracts the affects of aging by stimulating natural collagen production, while also supplying the skin with deep    hydration for a healthy, glowing complexion.


- LIFTING MIST: TIGHTENING FACIAL TONER - Formulated with the super hydrating Snow Mushroom, which incredible water retention properties help keep the skin smooth and plump.


Unlike any other sheet mask I have ever tried, the sheet masks arrive completely dry and perfectly individually packaged -  *see below*







1. After cleansing, keep the skin slightly damp. I personally prefer misting or patting fresh water into the skin to create a canvas for the dry mask.

2. Wet the smooth side of the mask with the Lifting Mist (the sheet mask comes in two sections- top & bottom of the face) - wet both, and apply! Be careful - the mask will harden, so make sure to avoid getting too close to the eye area.

3. Make sure to thoroughly saturate the mask: this way, the collagen will activate and work its magic.

4. Mold the mask to every crevice of your face in order to absorb the benefits in every inch!

5. Wait until the mask hardens - typically 15-20 minutes.

6. Carefully remove & rinse with warm water!










The skin is left plump, hydrated and completely smooth!

This mask is so fun to use, and while it practically ends up being a slightly creepy mold of your face, it delivers on everything it promises!


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Have you tried any products from CLE Cosmetics? What are your favorites?


* Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by CLE Cosmetics x BEAUTYPARK


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